Weekend Accomplishments and Roadmap

This is a quick update to get the week started!

Over the weekend I spent some time refining the site, sprucing up the About page as well as fixing some typos and funky grammar. Additionally, I've added a page titled Roadmap. This page will serve as a very high-level overview of some of the tasks and features being worked on during each phase of development.

It is by no means an exhaustive list and is most certainly going to to change as the rigors of development take hold. Included in that page is a link to a more in depth public Trello board that gives a little more insight into what is left to do, being worked on, and done for each phase.

In development news, I've added the functionality behind swapping the three colors on the ARC. Currently, there are two methods for doing that in-game: cycling with Q & E keys and selection with 1 - 3 alpha keys. Once I refactor control mappings to allow remapping of keys, these can be bound to any key a player desires. I will also be adding the ability to use a scroll wheel for cycling, as well.

Next on the docket for this week is to work through the photo-voltaic implements - Hoops, Panels, and Buckets. These puzzle implements absorb energy from Luma, the ARCs projectiles, to power doors, platforms, etc. White (or Silver) implements can be powered by any color Luma, whereas colored implements can only be powered by a matching Luma.

As I flesh these mechanics out I will be building out a prototype level which will truly begin to illustrate the type of gameplay players will see from Parabola.

Hope everyone has a great week!

Michael DeLally