Development on PARABOLA is Underway!


This is going to serve as a simple introductory blog to get the open development of PARABOLA up and running.

My name is Michael DeLally. I am the Founder of Thought Reactor and the designer and developer principally in charge of developing this funky little puzzle-platformer we're calling PARABOLA.

This website and all the features entailed within it are to serve as the primary platform for the game's community, which we hope to grow in the coming months as the game exits the prototype phase into Alpha.

During the Alpha Phase (which we hope to conclude by late September) we will be releasing rough and dirty builds for anyone who has subscribed to our mailing list. More "stable" builds will eventually be provided for free on Thought Reactor's Page. A PARABOLA specific page is coming shortly.

I won't waste more time in this blog - if you're wanting to learn more about the game, check out the About page. Development is still early and all new updates and media will be added here in addition to our social media profiles.

To keep up with us on your favorite channels, you check us out on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Twitch!

Thanks for checking out PARABOLA in its early stages - please follow us and stay tuned for more exciting news regarding its development progress.

Michael DeLally
Founder, Thought Reactor