A Status Report!


Has it sure been awhile since I reared my ugly mug?

I do wish this was a massive update detailing the host of changes the game has undergone - but alas, it is simply just a small roadmap of what to expect from me in the coming months regarding the game.

I had originally planned to have the site updated with new gameplay and story information by the end of this week. Some things considered, I could have done that, but there is something very vital missing - art.

Over the next month and a half I am going to be dividing the majority of my development time between more design refinement and concept art. Typically, my games are very simple and done for game jams, so the concept art phase is often neglected. This cannot be the case for Parabola, which is an ambitious game in comparison to my previous works.

I feel that the changes the game has undertaken in these last two months will be better received alongside some of the artistic vision I've laid out for the game.

That being said, this is the rough roadmap I'm envisioning for the game moving forward:

January 2019
  • Site will officially reopen with detailed story and gameplay information
  • Media page will begin to populate with concept art
  • Small dev update blogs will become regular again, featuring looks at features in development
March 2019
  • Forum will reopen to start feedback dialogue for forthcoming Alpha tests
  • Monthly dev vlog series The Gauntlet will begin and run through the game's launch
April 2019
  • The open alpha period will begin with periodic updates (could be several times a week to just weekly)
Summer 2019
  • Development will be in full swing with the open alpha continuing for the duration of the summer
Fall 2019
  • Steam page goes live
  • Open alpha ends and closed beta 'early access' begins on Itch
Winter 2019 to Early Spring 2020
  • We enter the soft launch window - this means the game will enter a series of test and tweaking rounds until it reaches a near final state and a soft launch on Itch
Late Spring to Early Summer 2020
  • Official Steam launch window
  • Details on post-update content and patch strategies will be discussed

This roadmap is tentative. Remember, Thought Reactor is largely run in solo by myself. While I will be enlisting help from various talent in the coming months, this schedule is tightly coupled to my personal life and subject to change without notice (though, I do really try to keep you in the loop).

I have plenty of stuff to work on, so let's close this one out and I'll speak to you again in January!

Until then - peace!

Michael DeLally